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An email address that you can immediately catch and read emails from EREV such as a cell phone email address is much appreciated.

If possible, please avoid yahoo's email account because yahoo's spam filter logic is too immature that our email to yahoo's account is sometimes blocked by mistake of yahoo. Gmail is much better than yahoo.

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If you haven't yet come to Japan, please apply after you come to Japan.

*stations where you can give lessons *Please see the samples below and then write down the stations where you can give lessons.

ex.1) At Tokyo station only.
ex.2) Any station between Shinjuku station and Chofu station on Keio line.
ex.3) All stations on JR Yamanote line.

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*How long have you been in Japan? years and months
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* Note that you have to be able to teach in Japan for at least 3 months from your application day.

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Other languages that you can teach than English

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